About Us

System Arcadia grew up immersed in two scenes: music and games. For us, the interests bled together. Some of our favorite games were based entirely around creating music. Some of our favorite artists would create songs based off themes in the games we love. No matter what it was we were up to, there was always a rave around the corner to look forward to bringing the community together.

Back in 2006, we were stunned to meet and see Kors K perform live at local arcade, Tokyo Game Action. For us, it was one of the first times an underground Japanese artist came out and spent quality time with the American music game community. We even got a boss song out of it!

Over a decade later, we’re still stuck on grooves and games. We wanted to keep that exposure and community involvement going, so in 2015, we set out to put on a show with Japanese and other international artists in our home region of New England. After putting on a fantastic show with Technorch in Boston, we knew we had to keep this event a staple in the music and gaming communities.

From this we formed System Arcadia: a place for anyone to celebrate the music, or a place for people to focus on the games, but always a place to belong and be accepted.

Mission Statement

In today’s internet age, the music industry is not limited by physical borders or language barriers. Music surrounds us, unifies us, and brings out the emotion in all of us. Music bridges expression in society, and that’s what System Arcadia is all about. We strive to expose the deep relations music and video games have with everyone in order to bring people together.

In 2015, when we ran our first show with Technorch, we had a simple goal of providing a unique experience to a niche rhythm game community—and we delivered. Since that show, we’ve expanded this concept: booking musicians featured in video games into club and dancing events with the intent of bring their fans one step closer to the producers they adore from afar.

Thanks to our deep roots in the rhythm game scene, we have a special interest in producers from video games. We’re looking to shatter the divide these two forms of entertainment provide into one immersive experience that leaves our community happy and wanting more.

System Arcadia brings quality products to you in the form of video game and live music events. We not only work with arcade machines, we partner with and help represent the producers who write music for those games.

We believe in building memories that last forever.

Special Thank-you’s

Thank you to all those that have helped us get where we are today!

curious incident  ★  John Chea Photography  ★  Maria Grecco  ★  Art by Rob Dunn  ★  Game Underground  ★  DeBisco Design  ★  Tight Crew  ★  bemanistyle  ★  Morlock Musik  ★  K.O. Photography

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