We are once again at Shak…no wait not this time! Our first ever collaboration event with RaveStation Records begins this Friday at 7 P.M. If you didn’t catch our initial announcement post please read up here. Today I am happy to announce a bunch of final details surrounding the event.

First, I’d like to remind everyone that our charity of choice for this event is Direct Relief COVID-19 response! System Arcadia and Ravestation Records recognize the ongoing threat of COVID-19 in our world and how much our healthcare workers are suffering from the relentless work of taking care of people. Fundraising will take place during both nights of the show. For more information on the charity, click the Direct Relief logo below.

Direct Relief logo.

Full lineup with schedule. Timeslots are in EDT.

September 24th

19:00 – Apathyfire
19:45 – Green Sweater Woman
20:30 – Mayasma
21:15 – Zovi
22:00 – Joey Electric
22:50 – 8Bit Drummer
23:35 – SenPi
00:20 – NoHighs
01:05 – John Robinson

September 25th

19:00 – Banoodle
19:45 – The Speed Freak
20:30 – P&K
22:00 – DJ School Pizza
23:30 – tweak!
00:15 – Yuta Imai
01:00 – Masayoshi Iimori

Also, here is the official flyer for the event.

Official flyer for the SA VErsus RS Collab Show

Lastly, I want to share our rebroadcast schedule for the few days leading up to September 24th, refer to the below image.
Rebroadcast schedule leading up to #SAVERS

Make sure to follow both System Arcadia and RaveStation Records on our Twitch channels and other social media to get the latest updates for this show, when we go live, and other happenings going down on both of our brands. Let’s party hard once again and raise money for a good cause! Swag!