Hello everyone. I am so glad to be in a Shakunetsu week once again. A week of final preparations and promotion before the big show! Earlier we announced that Shakunetsu (灼熱) Horizon will be headlined by both nora2r and T2Kazuya! Today we are able to announce the full lineup for the event, along with slot times. Please bear in mind start times might vary slightly during the show, and all times are in EDT.

Next, we are happy to announce that during Shakunetsu (灼熱) Horizon, we will once again be accepting donations to a charity throughout the entire event. System Arcadia is deeply intertwined in the queer community from the members of our board to the causes we support. During the event, we will be fund raising for Mermaids to help support trans youth in the UK.

Lastly, we are happy to announce that for the entire weekend starting on June 26th at Midnight, a 10% off code will be active on our CD store. By using code ‘horizon’, you will be able to discount your entire order. Right now we have plenty of stock on CD’s from past Shakunetsu headliners Remo-con and ni-21. Check out our CD store here.

We hope you are excited for our first webshow of the year, and we hope you look forward to our special announcement at the end of the broadcast in regards to a future web event later this year! Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for up to date news on our happenings, and keep an eye out for written interviews from nora2r and T2Kazuya later in the week. Also, starting Wednesday night leading up to Saturday’s event, we will be doing some rebroadcasts of previous sets in our past events, with Saturday showing a rebroadcast of both Remo-con and Hommarju‘s headline sets from Shakunetsu APPEND Night 2 and Shakunetsu Underground back in 2020. Until then, have a wonderful rest of your week and see you on Twitch!