Hello everyone! I hope your 2021 has been treating you well. The pandemic has taken a great mental toll on all of us but I believe that soon, good things are just beyond the horizon.

Today I am happy to announce the first webshow of the year, Shakunetsu (灼熱) Horizon! Once again we will be live on Twitch on June 26th starting at around 8 P.M. EDT. This year, we are honored to have two wonderful artists known very well in the rhythm game and JCore world. nora2r and T2Kazuya! Rhythm game players will likely recognize nora2r for their classic hit, B.B.K.K.B.K.K which is playable in a wide variety of commercial rhythm games, but originally came from BMS! T2Kazuya on the other hand is well known for their contributions to Kyle Ward rhythm games, ReRave and StepManiaX with their amazing remixes of In the Groove classics Delirium and Kagami, as well as contributions to Arcaea and other games.

In the coming days you will be seeing announcements for the full lineup, what donation drive we will be raising money for this time around, and other details surrounding the event. Be sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter channels to stay up to date on this event and future happenings. We are so excited to bring you an entire evening of amazing music and experiences, so let’s come together and bring those good vibes! We hope to see you there!