At the end of 灼熱Summer Night 4, we announced to a packed crowd at Machine Nightclub that we had begun the process of creating an online marketplace for CD’s that we are able to distribute to the United States. One of the primary goals of System Arcadia is to help bridge the gap between the world of net label producers and its international fans abroad. We also aim to give that exposure to the greater US audience who may not know about this great world of music. That is why with much excitement, we are happy to announce the launch of the System Arcadia CD marketplace.

Right now, we have a selection of CD’s from both Remo-con and ni-21, the Japanese headliners from 灼熱Summer Night 4 and the headliners for this weekend’s webshow event, Shakunetsu APPEND. Over the coming months we plan to announce new partnerships with other producers and labels in the JCore and net-label world. For now though, it is only fitting that we launch the store this weekend with the artists we’ve partnered with as our headliners. By buying these CD’s from us, you are directly supporting the artists that produce these albums.

On top of that, throughout the duration of the Shakunetsu APPEND event this weekend, there will be a special promo code that will give you 10% off your entire order upon checkout. The code is ‘shakunetsuappend’. The code is live from now until June 30th. So have a gander at our store and consider buying a CD, and make sure to tune into our live webshow this weekend on our Twitch channel!