Hey there everyone! We are two days away from showtime and I wanted to update you all on the recent developments of this event. For starters, if you have not seen our initial announcement posting of the Shakunetsu APPEND, please read up here to get up to speed.

First we wanted to let everyone know that in light of recent events in Minneapolis and across the country, we’ve decided to accept donations through the entire event for the Actblue National Bail Fund.

Announcement banner for Shakunetsu APPEND’s donation drive.

100% of the proceeds gathered will go directly to the fund. You will be able to donate through Streamlabs when the event begins and you can find the link on our Twitch account when things go live.

Also, any donation above $5 will automatically enter you into a raffle each night to win a set of Shakunetsu APPEND posters that are A1-sized. That is 24 x 34 inches in size! It’s the same size of the posters we usually sell during our regular shows. Winners will be announced at the end of each night live on the Twitch channel and through our social media channels on Facebook and Twitter.

Lastly, we will be hosting a room on Zoom that we will post the link to a few hours before the event begins on each night.

We hope you will enjoy our first ever webshow this weekend. Everyone involved is excited to perform at their best and give you guys a wonderful show. This is months in the making and it all comes to a head this weekend. Subscribe to our Twitch channel to get the notification for when our channel goes live. See you all soon!