Hey there, everyone.

On behalf of everyone at System Arcadia, we hope you are well and staying safe during these weird times. This global event has disrupted all our lives in some way and we hope this will pass sooner rather than later. We want nothing more than to run our events and give our community the best experience possible. We are passionate about sharing our love for the world of J-Core & netlabel music and gaming.

Here are our intentions for the rest of the year.

灼熱Summer Night 6 will be postponed to Summer of 2021. Additionally, our smaller public music events we had planned for 2020 are now cancelled as well. As for our convention-based arcade events, we hope to still attend Shine 2020, as well as a couple other local small conventions, but we’ll need to wait and see what will happen by the latter half of the year.

So, with a year of no public shows, what will be up to during the rest of 2020? Well, I have some insight I can share!

  • We are about to launch our online marketplace. As some of you might know, we have secured distribution contracts with a few Japanese labels to sell their CDs locally in the United States. We are almost done setting up the store and figuring out logistics. We hope to make a major announcement with our partnerships in the coming weeks. and hope to add more partnerships going forward. We know that obtaining a lot of these CDs can be difficult or cumbersome to ship internationally. We hope to give the producers we work with more exposure to their fans in the West by helping them sell their music and merchandise abroad.
  • We are looking to further expand our social media presence this year. We aim to be a reputable source of information and media for the music and gaming scenes we are passionate about. We’ll be posting album reviews, rhythm game reviews, artist interactions, and other various content through Facebook and Twitter channels as well as directly on our website.
  • We want to run at least one web-DJ-show on Twitch this year. You can expect more details on this to be announced soon. We are actively in talks with several performers and working on the infrastructure to make this happen now. We want to make a big splash online so we hope that when our show is live you will tune in!

That’s all for now. Above all else, we hope you stay safe. Once this quarantine is done, we’re coming back with a bang. We want to see all of you on the dance floor once we can safely run our next show.

Until then, give us a follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch to stay up-to-date on what we’re up to.

See you all soon!

Sigma, President of System Arcadia