Group photo from Feel the Beat on October 26, 2019

Once again, System Arcadia is able to put another successful event into the books. Feel the Beat was an awesome experience from beginning to end and I want to share my personal perspective with you guys as well as post the results for the tournaments.

We roughly had the same amount of participants as Silver City Summit. The advantage of a mid-size event like this is that the atmosphere isn’t too overbearing and everyone is more social and engaging as a result. It was common to see the crowd shift to different parts of the arcade as a group of players react loudly to a close match or good score. I specifically recall ZZZ almost PFC’ing Orca ESP on a random extra stage run during intermission and dropping a great in the last 10 notes. He finished with 44 perfects and everyone popped off together at what almost was. Side note, ZZZ already has the PFC, why wouldn’t he?

I am someone that is driven by competition to better myself at rhythm games, so to be able to run events like this for over a decade in the scene has been a true pleasure. I try my best to run the most fair and competent tournament possible because I take competition seriously and want to have that expectation when I go to other big-name tournaments in the rhythm game scene. The immense level of sportsmanship I see through the scene is amazing and a victory or accomplishment for one is one for all.

Now for some notable shoutouts for those that helped make this event what it was.

  • To Asche, Spencer, and Paul: Thank you to my amazing board for helping me make this event happen and helping set a high standard for tournament execution. It was thanks to Spencer for being on the ball the entire day to finish the DDR tournament 2 hours ahead of schedule WITH an extended break. Swag.
  • To Round 1 SCG, notably Sonic, Serena, Jared the GM, and John the technician: Thank you guys for trusting my company to run a good event and and thank you for the many ways you’ve worked with us to make this event a big success. Between the tech meetings with me to inspect the machines, shuffling the cabinets around to meet our stream setup requirements, and overall passion you have for the community, thank you. Your work is doing a lot to grow our scene. I expect this event to continue to grow at SCG as time goes on.
  • To Ryan and RJ: You guys did an amazing job with the stream setup and I thank you guys for coming to my house days before the event to test everything and made sure we had what we needed.
  • To Mike DeBisco of DeBisco Design, thank you for the amazing flyer and logo design and thank you for your continued work with System Arcadia. Together we will grow to be amazing entities in the JCore world.
  • To Nick, Eliot, Asche, Spencer, & Jes: You all did a wonderful job being TO’s in your respective games. Honorable mention to Nate for planning on running SDVX but then got a really bad cold the day of the tournament.
  • Props to Matt for not only getting top 3 in DDR but for also stepping in to run SDVX in place of Nate at the last second. Thank you for bringing your expertise to the table and running another good SDVX tournament, and congratulations on podium-finishing DDR as well!
  • Lastly, to all the competitors that entered any tournament, thank you for participating in our event. We couldn’t do it with you.

Now for the standings.

DanceDanceRevolution A20.

  • 1st: ITGAlex
  • 2nd: Arlong!!
  • 3rd: Matias
Photo of top 3 in DDR A20 tournament at Feel the Beat. From left to right: Arlong!! (2nd), Sigma, ITGAlex (1st), Matias (3rd).

Pump It Up XX.

  • 1st: Tala
  • 2nd: Love Live
  • 3rd: Valex

beatmaniaIIDX 27 Heroic Verse.

  • 1st: Jag
  • 2nd: Sigma
  • 3rd: Minglee

Sound Voltex V: Vividwave.

  • 1st: ITGAlex
  • 2nd: Hatosan
  • 3rd: Gloves

DanceRush Stardom.

  • 1st: Gloves
  • 2nd: JJ
  • 3rd: Aki

We hope to see you next year for Feel the Beat 2. A date will hopefully soon be announced. We have plans to make it into a 3-day event if we can get attendance to rise a bit so we can do things like a DDR lower-division to better be a more inclusive event for all skill levels. Do you have any feedback you’d like to share with us? Please find us on System Arcadia’s Facebook or Twitter and DM or post about any feedback you’d like to give us. We want to hear from you!

Until next time folks! Swag.