Album cover for Q-Tex’s ‘Let the Love’ from 1996

Every year at 灼熱Summer Night we aim to give fans a chance to interact more personally with our guests through our VIP Package. Since the beginning we have offered this option at our shows to entice avid music fans to join us for an unforgettable experience. We always want to offer a VIP ticket that allows ticket-holders to have a very inter-personal experience with the headliners. We want to make this experience as accessible as possible for fans and for only $100 you get:

  • Admission to main 灼熱Summer Night 5 show.
  • A private, 90 minute show featuring all 灼熱Summer Night 5 headliners playing exclusive sets that will not be heard during the main show.
  • 2 drink vouchers from our customized drink menu themed for this show.
  • A commemorative VIP badge with a System Arcadia lanyard.
  • A private photo-op session with the headliners with ample time for conversation and socializing, along with being able to have any 3 belongings signed by the headliners.

So what about the show itself? What kind of music should we expect to hear? Well, I don’t want to spoil every surprise with this experience but I will share one of the biggest highlights. Scott Brown’s VIP set will be 30 minutes exclusively from his Q-Tex alias back in the early 90’s. For Those who may not know back in 1990 Q-Tex was formed when Scott Brown and Gordon Anderson were studying physics together in their college years. They had a couple of keyboards and decided to begin experimenting with different sounds and melodies. About 6 months later, Alan Todd joined the group followed by vocalist Jolene. They released a series of singles together, the most famous being being ‘The Power of Love‘ and ‘Let the Love‘.

We believe this special set will bring back anyone that listened to his music in the early 90’s as well as being a real treat for the new generation of clubbers and ravers to get a glimpse of a legendary producer such as Scott Brown from his younger years. Come experience this unique piece of music history with us!

This is only one of many special sets planned for the VIP show, and there is only a limit of 50 VIP tickets for sale, so make sure to grab yours now before they run out! The VIP Experience is very special to us, and we will make this one for the ages.

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