Since debuting in 2007 with his 190bpm+ TV commercial-sampling track “Cillit Bang”, JAKAZiD’s love for all things rave has never wavered. Inspired heavily by the early beginnings of early 90s hardcore, his tracks are a dynamic mix of nostalgic sounds from the past with the punch of production techniques of the present era.

Aside from releasing several EP’s on Nukleuz Records as well as his own Aural Adrenaline imprint, he has gone on to produce countless guest tracks and remixes for numerous established labels in the UK, US and Japan, including Hardcore Underground, Kniteforce, S2TB Recording, Hardcore TANO*C and more. In addition to this, his music has been featured in various music games including DanceDanceRevolution, beatmaniaIIDX, Cytus II and Neon FM, and greatly revered by its fanbases.

Not content with just being a producer, the no-holds-barred music policy of his DJ sets has earned him gigs at a whole spectrum of parties and festivals, including Bangface, Boomtown, HTID, In The Face and Off Me Nut, fusing rave breaks, mutant bass, footwork, tech dance, breakcore and much more.

In the last announcement I said this was going to be a UK banger and there was no way System Arcadia was going to throw a UK banger without JAKAZiD. JAKAZiD has been on our radar for years now due to his close ties to the Bemani scene. He’s just as passionate about the Bemani Community as everyone in our company, and has the same desires we do for a more global J-Core scene.

This marks our 3rd and final international performer from the UK and we can’t put into words how excited we are to have these three stars headline our 5-year 灼熱Summer Night anniversary show! That means it is time to announce ticket sales and get this show rolling! It’s time to G-Go Berserk!!!

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