Scott Brown of Evolution Records
Scott Brown

From our President: [𝚺]

In 2015, an idea was born. The idea that in the age of the internet, we are all connected, and the only thing stopping us from realizing our dreams was ourselves. It was with that realization that I was able to make a dream come true which was run my own JCore event. 灼熱Summer Night became a reality—with DJ Technorch as the headliner in a quaint Chinese restaurant in Framingham, Massachusetts—and it was on my birthday.

With the help of many friends, we created an aesthetic and experience that I’m very proud of. Now, it’s 2019. It’s time to celebrate 5 amazing years of 灼熱Summer Night. Ladies and gentlemen, System Arcadia presents 灼熱Summer Night 5 (灼熱V) – Go Berserk. Why Go Berserk?

System Arcadia is happy to announce that Scott Brown of Evolution Records will be the headliner for our historic 5-year show. The date is August 31st, 2019 and it will be our very first event at Sonia Middle East in Cambridge Massachusetts! Ticket presales and graphics/promo will launch very soon so stay tuned on our social media channels for further updates.

Lastly, to everyone at ACen this year, go support Attack The Music this Friday night and witness their amazing concert for the ages!

From our 灼熱Summer Night 5 Head: Kei

I’m sitting here putting the final touches on our first series of posts setting our biggest year of Shakunetsu into effect and I’m in tears. This year I stepped up to take the helm at running this year’s show and I’m so eager to show you what we have. So far, we can announce we’re bringing Scott Brown and we can’t wait to announce our other international guests in the coming weeks. Having Scott Brown matches our 5th year theme because it’s a testament to the past, present, and future in such a beautiful way. It’s the childhood past of a Tight Crew event where a generation of players met up and played DDR at. It’s the present day raves still going on today with new tracks featuring M-Project like it’s the past. Throwing loud events will always be our future.

This year I’ve planned a few series of blasts and showcases for all our guests. On top of that, we’re finally ready to fully launch our website, store, and social media accounts. Not as some dead seasonal promotional platform, but as our way of bringing awareness and news to the JCore, rhythm game, and nerdy stuff relevant in all of our connected scenes year round. The staff at System Arcadia want to be vocal about our creation process to our shows without motives, and bring transparency to the crazy stuff we do. As I write this, I’m prepping for a loud weekend at ACen with another dream m-flo performance and want to share pretty much every moment cause Why Not? I should.