Interview with Paul Bazooka

With the rising popularity of Korean and SEA music games around the world, we reached out to Paul Bazooka, a Korean music producer who makes songs...

Interview with Hommarju

In preparation for the second remote System Arcadia show, Shakunetsu UNDERGROUND, we got the chance to talk to Hommarju, a Japanese music producer...

System Arcadia announces Shakunetsu (灼熱) Underground, a Spooky Spectacular!

Hello everyone! Once again we are deciding to throw together a webshow for one night this month as a means to bring our fans together once again in...

Welcome to System Arcadia, Feel the Beat!

System Arcadia is a New England based company that throws killer video game music concerts and even better gaming events. We love all forms of music, but our hearts shine for rhythm games, retro, and anything competitive.


Each year, we host our flagship music event, 灼熱Summer Night, featuring artists straight from your favorite rhythm games. We also host arcade tournaments and other events.

Who are we?

At our core, we’re a group of friends with a passion for music and games. We strive to create spaces for everyone to celebrate music and games.

Let's Connect

Stay in touch with us on Facebook, where we post our latest concerts and gaming tournaments, as well as other happenings in the rhythm game community.

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